All art and clothing is designed and produced by me. I am an independent artist and screen printer in Los Angeles, CA. I love screen printing as a way to fully realize my work and share it with others. Art that inspired was found in skateboard graphics and streetwear, so I love making my art relevant in those subcultures. I greatly appreicate anyone who has supported me and it all goes back into funding my growth and expression.

For those who seek expression is daily life. Flowers still push through the top soil, no matter how deep your skull is buried

A sentimental skull can be kept as a memonto mori a reminder of death that isn't sad, but beautiful. Hold this sentiment beause it reminds us why it is great to be alive.

I hope to create the clothes that people are wearing when the are living life to it's full potential and art that inspires them to do so, in light of death becuase we only have one life and should be utilized to the fullest.